36 Weeks with Brooks and Ellis...

Friday, January 19, 2018

YAY! We made it to 36 weeks (the average birth week for twins) and each day I can keep them in longer, they will be bigger, healthier, better eaters and chances of NICU time will keep decreasing. I have NINE MORE DAYS until my C-section and I am READY!!!! Not ready for babies to come now because I want to give them the best chance at everything, but ready for 9 days to whiz by!

I remember hitting 36 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley (my first set of twins) and becoming MISERABLE (You can read about that HERE) But this time, I have been feeling SOOOOO good at the end, considering how big and uncomfortable things can get, but I have to say, last night I hit my WALL. I'm officially miserable, uncomfortable around the clock and truly don't know how I am going to finish these last 9 days sometimes. 

I had my doctors appointment today and everything looked great, praise the Lord. I looked good and babies looked good. My BP was 131/82 which is high for me but still a good number for carrying twins, Ive gained 45ish lbs (my scale and drs scale are 5 lbs different) and my uterus is measuring 58 WEEKS (That is why I am in such pain)
Brooks and Ellis look great and the doc thinks they will end up being high 6 maybe even 7 lbs. 

We are SO BEYOND thankful to the Lord for giving us such a healthy pregnancy. Yes, this has been my hardest one, but to still be carrying these healthy babies with no bed rest is a true gift. Sweet boys, I would do ANYTHING for you, carrying you is a true joy even when it seems impossible. 

36 weeks with Walker

36 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley

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