34 Weeks with Brooks and Ellis...

Friday, January 5, 2018

We are at 34 weeks!! Whoo hoo!!! I'm 34+5 today so 3 weeks and 2 days until our scheduled C-section. I hope I can get them all the way there! Honestly the end of this pregnancy has not been as brutal as the end of my first twin pregnancy, I guess its because my body has done it before, or its just flying by so much because I stay so busy with my other three. I have an AWFUL and PAINFUL sinus infection which has been worse than the discomforts of the pregnancy. Last night my ears were POPPING with PAINFUL pressure. SO not fun, but I had my OB appointment today and he called me some antibiotics which I desperately need.

We are so thankful to God for another great and uneventful appointment. 

Blood pressure was good at 130/70 (higher than my baseline but still great for twins this far)

I am 34 weeks, uterus measuring 52 weeks!!!!!

Placentas and babies look great. Brooks (baby A) is head down And Ellis (baby B) is breach.

Ive gained 41 lbs so far. 

I had a little swelling in my feet and toes last night but it was gone this morning. Hoping to keep that at bay. We are so excited to meet these angel babes but need to keep them in there another 3 weeks! We want big and healthy babies!

34 weeks with Walker 

34 weeks with Jack Henry and Hadley

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