16 weeks, Gender Reveal and Luke's Birthday

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Having twins, you are very spoiled with getting many ultrasounds! Our last one was at 12 weeks but our next isn't until 20. We were very impatient excited to find out their genders, so we went to Becoming Mom which is a really fun pregnancy/ultrasound spa to find out early! If they aren't 100% correct they will tell you they aren't sure and will let you come back for free until they are. They also give you your money back if you they are wrong. It was so worth the money, and I hope they are right :)
Here is what we found out... 

We were SO excited! Baby A (our little girl) wasn't cooperating at first, so the ultrasound tech skipped over to baby B and quickly discovered he was a boy :) Were were thrilled! We went back to baby A and finally after checking several times, discovered a sweet little girl. We could't be happier and it was so fun to find out on Luke's birthday. I would say that was definitely his favorite birthday present:)

Thank you Lord for your abundant blessings.


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