Finding out we were expecting twins...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am making it no secret that we took clomid to get pregnant. Clomid makes your ovaries release eggs and it can increase your chance for multiples. I have a twin book that tells you that Clomid gives you a 10% chance of having twins and my doctor said he hasn't seen anyone get pregnant with twins on the dosage of medicine I was on. (Even though I still find this hard to believe.) 
Anyways, in the back of my mind, I mean maybe I had a tiny idea that it MIGHT happen but as soon as I found out we were expecting, I just KNEW there was only one baby inside me. I don't know why I thought this, it was just a feeling I had... perhaps a lack of feeling, but when we went into our ultrasound appointment, I just knew we would be confirming one little baby in there.
Luke and I grabbed lunch before our appointment and we talked about what would be exciting about this appointment...
1. We would (hopefully) hear a heart beat! I was excited for this because once a heartbeat is heard on an ultrasound, your risk of miscarriage goes down to less than 2%.
2. We would get an exact due date.
3. We would find out IF there was more than one. No way...ha!

The ultrasound was an amazing experience! Quickly, I will tell you how we found out...
I laid back on the exam table as Luke and I viewed the large flat screen TV that showed the ultrasound images in front of us. As soon as we could see inside my belly, I saw the baby! I didn't say anything out loud, but I thought to myself, see, just one!
The ultrasound tech said "There's your baby!" We smiled and were so amazed to see the little life within me. Then in the most  unassuming, nonchalant way, she said "And there's your other baby!" My heart started racing, tears came down my face, Luke smiled with the most joyful laughter and we preceded to see our TWO babys, hear TWO heart beats and rejoice that God has blessed us TWICE!
Here are our tiny peanuts at 8 weeks...


  1. Amazing! Those ultrasound pics are precious. God is knitting those 2 little sweeties together in your womb... it's incredible.

  2. "and there is your other baby" made me literally laugh out loud. so sweet!

  3. two placentas means fraternal? or can they tell? I'm so intrigued!

    1. lol! yeah when she said that we literally laughed out loud too! Well, you technically can have identical twins with two placentas but it is a 1 in 9 chance. My doctors think they are fraternal but we won't know for sure until birth unless they are boy/girl twins.

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