24 Weeks

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wow, has this been a BIG week! I feel like my belly has grown tons this week and it makes me wonder how I am going to continue to grow BIG TIME over the next three months?! Through all my discomforts I will praise God for the two AMAZING blessings growing inside of me and I will thank him through every ache and pain. Thank you Lord! 
This week I went to the Doctor and passed my glucose tolerance test (yay!) but found out I was a little anemic, so I am on some extra iron now. Our next appointment is 2 weeks from now which means I will be 27 weeks and we are thrilled to see our babies again with another ultrasound! I will be in the third trimester at that appointment, wow. This pregnancy is such a joy and is going by pretty quickly.
Week 24 was a big milestone in my mind because it is the week of viability. This means if our sweet babies happened to come WAY TOO EARLY this week, they would have a chance at life. However we pray everyday that God will keep them growing in me for many many many more weeks. 
We also went to Nashville this week for our "babymoon." A fun getaway, just the two of us, in Nashville,  TN (pictures to come) We then spent time with family in Louisville at a little family reunion. 24 weeks was great to say the least.

Maternity Clothes? Mostly all maternity cloths. 

Stretch Marks? Still none, but boy my tummy is TIGHT!

Sleep? Sleeping became a bit more difficult this week.

Movement? Moving TONS! 

Cravings? We had some AMAZING food in Nashville... Ice cream hit the spot.

Gender? Boy and girl

Belly Button In or Out? It is out 90 percent of the time... it pops back in when I lay down.

Symptoms: Belly is BIG and tight, heartburn and some leg cramps.

Best moment of the week? A week alone with my husband in Nashville.

What I am looking forward to: Next countdown is our next ultrasound... May 29th.

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