2 months...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I can't believe my sweet peas are 2 months! 

Hadley, you are so sweet. You are very alert and love to look around. You always have a "rosebud" mouth. You are absolutely beautiful and are such a girly girl. You always have your hands in a very feminine position and love to wave your arms in circles. You are starting to get very chunky and it is SO cute. You also love to be held and comforted at night when you are going to sleep. You like to fight going to sleep when you are obviously so sleepy but it doesn't take much to get you fast asleep. You like to be put on mommy or daddy's shoulder and patted on the back, it makes you very happy. You also really love your pacifier :) Daddy adores you and so do I, little girl. We love you!

Jack Henry, you are my little bear. You have developed such a strong personality. During your first month, you were so serious, always furrowing your brow and making stern faces. Now that you are two months you smile all the time. You make the cutest cooing noises I have every heard and love to wave your arms in the air and peddle your feet while lying on the floor. You make grunting noises and snort through your nose... such a boy. You have great strength in your neck and like to try to hold your head up even though it's still wobbly. Sometimes you like to try to stand when daddy holds you in his lap but you are still a while away from that :)  You usually go to sleep with out making a peep and if you do cry, it's usually for a minute to soothe yourself. You rarely need comforting, but we sneak cuddles in all the time. You are our sweet little boy who we just love SO much!

You started sleeping in your crib at 7 weeks and four days old(you sleep in Jack Henry's crib together) and do GREAT. You are on a 3 hour schedule during the day and just wake up once at night (that started a 5 weeks) and your sleeping stents are getting longer at night, hopefully soon you will be sleeping through the night. We are so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with you two. God is SO good! WE LOVE YOU.


  1. Wow!! Only wake up once? That's awesome!! I'm jealous!! Love the photos. I could eat them up!!

  2. Pure Delicacy..
    I don't like this.. I love this!

  3. Can't believe how grown up your little ones are getting! So happy for you and Luke. Beautiful babies, beautiful family.

  4. You are such a wonderful momma! Can't believe they are already 2 months... and that I haven't seen them in person!! Just a few weeks. Love these photos- you are quite the photographer :)


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