9 Weeks...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

9 weeks and my little sweet ones are pretty much sleeping through the night! Since 5 weeks they have just gotten up once through the night, usually around 3 or 4 am. Last night I fed them at 11pm and put them to bed and they slept until 7:30 am! Whoo Hoo! We have had a laid back week and are looking forward to more Louisville time this week and a pumI also went back to work for the first time. It was only a 4 hour shift and I am so thankful to be a stay at home momma and do my nursing prn... which is just about 20ish hours a MONTH! So thankful for the flexibility of my job and it was great to see my nurse friends :)


  1. They are so sweet. Do you get from people that they look a lot like their Daddy? Her eyes are beautiful! PRN is a blessing, I've got lots of friends that do that in different health care fields and it's the perfect Mommy gig for sure. Such a blessing that they are sleeping so well for you...especially with two!

  2. Oh my God, they are so beautiful and full of joy!


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