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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I haven't provided a whole lot of specifics about our move and new ministry on JOYfullife because we really wanted to finish up at Ross Christian church and give that chapter an appropriate close before jumping into the new one. So here we go...
We spent the last two and half years at Ross Christian Church just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. These years were awesome years of growth, development, highs, lows, and connecting with such a precious church family who we dearly miss. We will always look back fondly on this season of life and understand God's purpose for us there. It was out first ministry and God really stretched us in a beautiful way there. We love and miss all you RCC readers!
As you know, we had the addition of the twins to our family and lost our brother all with in the last year which made the decision to come to Dallas, TX a very difficult one but felt very confident that this is what God had for us! We wrestled with the spirit many times before surrendering to His calling and accepting a role for my husband here where he will be preaching and plugging in new members into the church. 

Once we were "all in", we were thrilled to start our new ministry at this truly AMAZING church. We are at Compass Christian Church which is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Now here is the kicker... Our VERY BEST FRIENDS happen to be at Compass as well! Well, I could state that last statement with accuracy just a few short weeks ago but now I must say, our BFFs serve at Crossroads Christian Church in Newburgh, Indiana! Yes, yes, thats right, our precious friends Patrick and Savannah Garcia transitioned out of Compass just as we were transitioning in. We could not be more happy for the Garcias as this is totally what God has for them and to answer a question I have gotten many time, YES, we knew all along we would not be serving along side each other! Originally they were going to be on staff together but when things started getting serious for us, we all chatted about what God was doing in their life. It is bitter sweet but you must go where the Lord calls you and we know both of our families have been called to the right place. We were blessed to have the first 2 weeks here in Dallas with them, and what a God thing! It was awesome to have them lead us in and be able to help lead them out! So with all that being said, we are SO HAPPY here and we KNOW that this is right where God wants us! Here is what the first couple weeks looked like...
The very night we arrived, I met a million precious 20 somethings at Savannah's baby shower.

Stayed in a beautiful home with an even more beautiful family (should have taken a pic!)

Started to get settled (lots more on this soon)

Have taken LOTS of walks in the huge park that our apartment sits on

And had many precious moments with precious friends.

Dallas... so far, so good :)

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