When will they come?....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Teeth, that is. Both of my 9 month olds are still gummy and toothless, which I of course love! Teeth are such a funny "milestone" since there is such a wide variance as far as when every baby gets them. 
I have friends who have had 10 week olds get their first tooth and then some who are sitting in their high chair with friends and family surrounding them singing "Happy Birthday!" with not one tooth in their mouth!
Since Hadley was 3.5 months old, she began drooling tons and putting things into her mouth ALL the time! We thought a tooth was coming but then she turned four months and still no tooth, five months came and left, then six, seven, eight and now my nine month old little beauty still is chewing on everything she can get her hands on, but no tooth... yet. Sweet Jack Henry has not been as "mouthy" but recently has been putting more things into his mouth, but I honestly think they are both just "exploring" with their mouths. It is so precious to watch them wait. I will hold onto all their "babyness" so I am fine with still no teeth! It also helps this nursing momma! It will be fun to wake up one day and see a little pearly white popping out of those precious gums though! But for now, they wait... 

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  1. So funny that I commented on your more previous post about their lack of teeth and then in getting caught up on blog reading saw this one. Yes: it is so funn and crazy how different teething can vary! I'm with you - keep em' baby as long as possible!


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