10 Months!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Month nine was amazing. I can't believe we are at 10 months! (I am posting this a bit late.) Not a whole lot has changed. Babies are still sleeping 8p-8a and 2 naps that are 1.5-2 hours long. They seem to be able to stay awake longer in the afternoon before needing their second nap. They are still breastfed four times a day and they have really increased their solids this month! Not only are they still having some purees, they have really begun to increase their finger foods. Puffs, Cherrios and bread, are what they have started, anything with not a whole lot of texture. We are working on getting them to gum on some veggies but they still prefer their veggies in puree form. They will eat ANY puree, and I haven't come across anything they dont like yet! This months little photo shoot was not the best, but we are going to keep it real! I was a few days behind on getting their 10 month pics, so one afternoon I headed over to the park, smacked on their stickers and went for it. Problem was, they weren't feeling it. Squinty eyes, HOT weather, and cranky little babes made this a difficult shoot, but here is what we have...

Jack Henry: You are just my happy baby boy that melts my heart everytime you give me that big flirty grin! Your personality is so big! Sister is more content at all times, where you are all or nothing. Either very serious or the biggest ham. You beat your sister and got the first tooth first! Yours came in about a week before Hadleys' did and we were so sure she would get the first tooth with all her drooling but you got your bottum left tooth and did great with it! You were a little fussy here and there but slept like a champ and didn't seem to be too bothered by it. You now sleep on your back and your side but you still stay so put in your crib. You are beginning to like table food but not as much as Hadley just yet. You sleep with the same blanky animal that your sister has, except yours is blue and you shove it into your mouth with you go to sleep! It is so funny because I did the same thing when I was a baby! You love to play peek a boo when I cover you with a blanket and then pull it away quickly. You are still SO chatty and verbal and make lots of little babble words... da-da, ba-ba, dee-dee and the likes. You still haven't used a word, although you love to have conversations with us where we will say something and then you will chat right back. Your spirit is so precious and I love you so.

Hadley: You are the sweetest little thing! So tiny and loving, and this month you have become even MORE a mommy's girl. No one else seems to do. You are getting to be such a big girl, using your little pincer grasp to feed your self really well. We still feed you and your brother your pureed foods ourselves because we dont want you making too big of a mess. You love to be bounced around and kissed all over. You giggle and laugh when we kiss you. You love it when daddy says "bless you, bless you, bless you" in his silly voice, which all started after you sneezed one day. You have to sleep with your little puppy blankie friend (we have not named him yet) that your great Aunt Cathy got you before you were born. You love him and it gives you comfort immediately. You got your first tooth this month! It is you top right and you were not phased at all, just remained your happy self. You also learned how to wave bye-bye! It is so sweet! We went to louisville this month and you leaned right into your Momma Sue and gave your first "kiss." So precious! I am so in love you my sweet little girl!


  1. This post really makes me want twins! I am an identical twin myself, and the bond my twin sister and I have is amazing. I want that for my kids as well! My little boy is such a ham too. He says cheese for his pictures and teething never got the best of him. Your little girl is also such a ham, I remember 10 months, it was such a fun age! So cute :)

  2. Where did you get Hadley's adorable outfit?! It's so cute! (Jack Henry is adorable too, but I have two little girls to dress) :)


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