Our first HOUSE!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It has been a VERY long process but we finally get to close on Monday or Tuesday next week! Keep in mind we have to be out of the apartment the day we close! We were supposed to close 2 weeks before our new closing date so we have been prepared all along to have a 2 week overlap with the apartment, making a "room a day" lesiurly move. Well that all went out the window so we have to do it in one day and then leave for Louisville on Thursday for almost 2 weeks, all with two 10 month olds! WHOO HOO! Thats what happens with a government foreclosure! Any way, we are so greatful and now that we have a closing date in site I figured it was safe to tell all your blog readers!!! I have been trying to keep it a secret for 10 weeks now when we first put the offer on it! My decorative mind is spinning! I have big plans for this house! Big plans I can't wait to share with you! I am so thankful to God for having his hand ALL OVER this process. I give all glory to Him and can't wait to make this house a home for our family to grow in. I pray I can teach my kids how to live for Jesus in this home. I pray all who enter this home will be refreshed with the love of Christ. May this not be my house, but a place to do His work in. So excited to finally have our first home and after months of boxes, moves, babies and apartments.... FEEL SETTLED.

Let the craziness begin!


  1. Wow, such a gorgeous home. Congrats to you!!

  2. Oh Kathleen!! It's beautiful!! Congratulations to you and your darling family! You will have so much fun making it your very own. Yay!!!! ...and I am so with you on your desire to be settled :) there is no place like home.

  3. Ah, that is so gorgeous. It looks so fresh and clean! We bought a condo for our first purchase and with a 20 month old we totally regret it and are growing out of it already! Can't wait to have a house, house! Congrats :)

  4. Oh Kathleen! It's beautiful!! Congratulations to your darling family. You will have so much fun putting your very own touch on it :) And I love that you want it to be the Lord's tool... may it be so!
    Hoping for a smooth closing and move for y'all next week. I am SO with you on the desire to feel SETTLED... there is no place like home :)

  5. Beautiful place for such a beautiful blessed family. Congratulations


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