Babies 9 Month Appointment...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We had our first appointment with our new pediatrician here in Dallas and overall we had a good experience. They didn't blow me away but I don't think you can get a perfect idea of a new doctor based on one visit. The doctor seemed thorough and kind but it was an overall uneventful appointment. First they got weighed. I was SHOCKED at their weights... they were teensie tinies! The doctor wasn't concerned one bit but their percentiles were so much lower than normal. She told me that many babies take a tip on the growth curve before their one year mark. She told me if they weren't waking up in the night and taking good naps then they were getting everything they needed. As a breastfeeding momma, I of course wonder if it is me? My milk supply is still great and they are eating solids on top of it and it has done them good so far, so we will keep nursing and hope for a growth spurt on their 12 month appointment. She asked a bunch of milestone questions, examined them and then they got their 3rd Hep B shot. We always wait to feed them immediately after their shots. I recommend this to all mommas with litte ones getting shots. We have 8 oz bottles on hand and immediately after they are stuck, we give them their bottles and they are instantly soothed. I suppose they would weigh half a pound more if we fed them BEFORE their exam? Hmmmm? Here are their stats... 

Okay so I thought Luke put them in his phone, but he didn't so we dont have exact stats, but I remember the gist... (I do have them written down on a piece of paper somewhere, so I will do exacts when I know them)

Hadley: 16lbs 4oz? Teeny miss thing! And cant remember her length! Both height and weight were in the TEENS for percentiles! Head is 95th percentile!

Jack Henry: 17lb 8oz? A whole pound and a half bigger than sister! You feel so much heavier than her. Teens for both height and weight. Head is off charts again.

Thankful for healthy, happy babies.

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