16 Months

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It is so hard to believe that the joys of my heart are 16 months old. Hadley took her first steps 2 weeks ago and while neither baby are full on walking yet, they are getting closer by the day! They are definitely taking after their momma on the late walking (I was a 16 month old walker.) They may not be walking but that doesn't stop them from staying busy and keeping me one busy momma. They love to get into everything. They get on their walkers and go back and fourth and around our house for hours. We use the word "no" lots and lots when they try to climb the stairs or get into cabinets that they aren't supposed to and while it can be trying, I am so thankful that they are so explorative and healthy!
They have been pulling up and cruising for a while now, but they can now stand up on their own and stay standing with out assistance. Is it so precious. We say "can you stand up?" And they get in to the standing position and immediately start clapping their hands, since they are used to getting lots and lots of praise for standing! They are learning SO many words and can really communicate with us so well. Hadley took her first steps during the song "My Favorite Things" for Carrie Underwood's sound of music special. Contrary to most people's dislike of the program, our family enjoyed Carrie and Hadley certainly did. The song came on and she grinned and grinned, stood up, danced her little bum and then took a step. She has taken 2 steps here and there since so I am sure one days she will just start walking! While Hadley continues to be more physically advanced, Jack Henry is still our verbal babe. Here are their words ...
Mommy (Hadley's favorite word)
Ba (ball)
Lights (for Christmas lights, Jack Henry frequents this word) Hadley only says it here and there but sweet Jack Henry uses it from the minute he wakes up. He says it with a HUGE lisp. It's the cutest thing ever. I go in their room and he immediately says "Yi-ghthhhhhsssss" and always put an inflection on the word as if it was a question. I turn on the Christmas tree in their room and then they both let out "oooooohhhhsss" and "ahhhhhhhs" and squeels. It's safe to say, they LOVE Christmas.
Puppy (all animals seem to be puppies)
Pretty (only Hadley says this) She always points to the bow on here head and says "pretty." If she doesn't have a bow on her head, she will pick one up, come to me, sign "please" and try to put it on her head while she says "pretty" PRESH. She also says Christmas lights are pretty.

"Tricks" that they know...
Wave bye bye
Blow kisses
Give kiss on the lips (this is only Hadley) she makes a humming sound and leans in for a kiss
Praise Jesus (arms high in the sky)
Wheres your nose?
Wheres your ears?
Play peek a boo
High five

Sign language they use daily...

Jack Henry is getting 6 new teeth right now and has been having a hard time. Poor baby just seems miserable. Neither of my babies have ever really had issues teething but he is getting molars too, and I think he is very uncomfortable.

Sleep: We switched our naps from two to just one each day. They wake up between 8-8:30, go to bed between 7:30-8 and then take a nap between 12-3. They sleep great we are enjoying our longer freedom to run errands in the morning.

Eating: Hadley is still a great eater and Jack Henry is still picky. We started giving them smoothies with broccoli and carrots in them to boost their veggies. Hadley will eat just about anything but Jack Henry rejects lots of food. Eggs, waffles with almond butter, yogurt, any fruit, bread and crackers are his staples. They take about 16-20 oz of coconut/almond milk (which i recently started making, more on this later) each day. They also now drink water in sippy cups and have mastered drinking from straws. 

There are just no words for the love that we have for these two. It is so fun to watch them grow and develop and learn. We are thankful for each day. 

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