iPhone fall photos

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hey ya'll! Hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving and are soaking in this Christmas season. We are all decorated around here and I will be sure to post a few pictures soon! 
These photos were taken a few weeks ago on my iphone (which means my camera is STILL out of order.) It's a long story and after a few trips to the camera repair shop and shipping fiascos, we are having a family meeting about the camera tonight! I am seriously DYING with out my camera. I hate missing day to day precious shots of my babies while they are still small. In the mean time here are some photos. Sorry for the lack of posting lately here, friends! I will get back into the groove of things once my camera is back.


  1. SO glad yall are enjoying the beautiful fall in Texas! Sad about your camera :( Hope you get it back soon- but these pictures are still great!! Love you!

  2. Iphone pictures or not - they are WONDERFUL!


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