My Camera is BACK!!!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Okay, seriously... the BIGGEST shout out to my husband for FIXING MY CAMERA!
I had taken my camera to the repair shop twice where they tried to fix it themselves but said it needed to be shipped to Nikon where it would need to stay for 3-6 weeks to be fixed and the repair quote was $250!!! I even tried shipping it but God knew what he was doing but making me forget the proper paper work, TWICE. Luke kept telling me he thought he could fix it. Well, no offense, he is handy but I took it to camera SPECIALISTS who couldn't fix it but I thought I would humor myself and give him a shot. We went to Lowes, where he got a couple of tools and while wearing a flashlight attached to his head, HE FIXED IT! I am a blessed woman to have him and oh my goodness, he fixed it FOR FREE! I should have let him attempt months ago! SO the first thing I did this morning was snatch up my cuties and capture their sweetness... I am SO GLAD to have it back! MANY more posts to come! YAY!


  1. Happy to see the beautiful babes so clearly again! Glad he was so super handy and fixed the camera. Blessing!


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