Dallas Ice Storm 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Well, it came and it was intense. We were skeptical after last weeks dramatic weather report occurred and NOTHING happened, but this was the REAL deal. In Kentucky and Ohio we got snows every year (You can see our last one Here) but there were enough plows, salt and equipment to handle it. But here... they have NOTHING to treat the roads except sand which they have very little of and only treat main roads and intersections with. Even then the sand treated roads are FAR from clear. To look out the window it looks like the ground is coated with snow, but no snow here, just SOLID ice. 
It was 78 degree on Wednesday and when I woke up for my run on Thursday it was in the mid 30's. Thursday night it started to come down. Freezing rains in Freezing temps. It has been in the 20s and teens ever since and the city has shut down. Like, very few restaurants are open and town centers are closed. Our church canceled service tonight and canceled 3 of 5 services tomorrow. We have stayed inside, watched Christmas movies, baked cookies, eaten hot soup, and just soaked up this precious family time. We haven't left the house EXCEPT... to go see my Kentucky Wildcats who played in Cowboy stadium. Isn't that such a Kentucky fan? My precious Louisville loving husband got us tickets and we ventured out with some of our best friends here to see them loose to Baylor. I was amazed at the THOUSANDS of blue bleeding fans that came to the game. Although, with hardly any Baylor fans and being in a stadium that seats over 100,000, it certainly didn't have the energy of a normal UK game, especially in RUPP arena. It was so awesome of my sweet husband to think of me and get us tickets! 
Okay, so the highlight of our ice storm was taking the babies on a little sleigh ride... Kentucky style. We pulled them with twine attached to a laundry basket and watched them squeal with delight. Our little dare devils even loved when we let them slide down a hill all by themselves. It was hilarious to see them lean on each other and remain frozen like little statues as we pulled them around in our icy winter wonderland. We have loved this winter gift and will always have such fond memories of our first winter storm here in Texas. We are SO thankful to have power and have a lovely warm home to be sheltered in. We know that not all are as fortunate. Here are some fun pictures from ICE storm 2013...

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