26 Weeks with baby #3...

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I will be 27 weeks tomorrow and we have a name!!!!! 

Many people have asked me if I am using another double name and he will just go by Walker. We are excited to pass on daddy's name for his middle too :) Usually that goes to the first born boy but we had special circumstances with Uncle Matt, and I know Jack Henry will be so happy to have daddy's brother's middle name :) 

Maternity Clothes? YES. As you can see, this maternity sweater is already getting short! 

Stretch Marks? Still nothing new. 

Sleep? Still sleeping great! 

Movement? Moving TONS and kicking so hard, which I absolutely love. 

Cravings? We had outback today for lunch and that just tasted SO good!

Gender? Boy 

Belly Button In or Out? WIth the twins it stayed flat the whole time, but with Walker it seems to be popping OUT. 

Symptoms: Symptoms have really faded this week, just overall hip pain. 

Best moment of the week? Officially deciding on a name. We had decided on Walker a while ago but were just working on the middle name. 

What I am looking forward to: Next ultrasound and doctors appointment... a week from tomorrow. 


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