Third trimester is here! 28 weeks

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This has been a wonderful and smooth pregnancy, praise God! This second trimester has been so pleasant and great. I'm definitely feeling very pregnant this trimester but still not to the uncomfortable point. For a few weeks now I can really see Walker move a lot from the outside which is just amazing. I'm still sleeping well and overall feel really good. I passed my glucose test, thankfully!! I can't imagine not having carbs or sugar while pregnant. Eeeeek. We still haven't seen Walker's face as every time we go in for an ultrasound he is facing my back which has really peaked my curiosity. Will he be another spitting image of Luke, like Jack Henry? I can't wait to find out! We also found out he is a BIG boy! At my my 28 week appointment we learned sweet boy's head is measuring 32 weeks (all my babies have HUGE heads and so do their cousins, its the Davidson way:)) and his femur (thigh bone) is measuring 39 weeks!!!!! Like, one week from full term! I'm guessing he will grow into all of that or he will be a giant babe! I love learning details about him and it makes me feel more attached and more excited! I still feel like I am showing much more than the average 28 weeker and have to explain to people I still have 3 months to go. This pregnancy has been such a joy. I have an app that stated this trimester will be the last one I have with my baby inside me and it made me sad. As much as I can't wait to meet him, I have so enjoyed carrying him. I am so thankful that Jesus has just been so gracious to us. We are headed to a lake house in west Texas next week which we are so excited for! When we return the twins will be staying in their new rooms! Jack Henry's mattresses and bedding will arrive late this week and while their rooms have a bit to go, they will be ready enough to stay in and then I can start working on the nursery. Exciting times ahead and just soaking in each moment of being a family of four and carrying this precious boy. 

Maternity Clothes? ALL

Stretch Marks? Still nothing new?

Sleep? Still sleeping great!

Movement? Moving TONS. I can see him move on the outside really well. 

Cravings? Still no cravings really.

Gender? Boy 

Belly Button In or Out? Outty

Symptoms: Heart burn is back, sciatica occasionally flares but not as bad as it has been. Getting out of breath and just worn out when on my feet too long.

Best moment of the week? Passing my glucose test! 

What I am looking forward to: Next week we are getting away together for a family babymoon :) 


  1. Did you have a c-section with your twins? Are you planning a natural delivery with #3 ?

  2. Hey Lindley! I'm hoping for a vaginal delivery this time around! Going for it but might have to have another C-section :)


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