29 weeks with baby #3...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This week was wonderful. We spent Sunday-Thursday at Possum Kingdom Lake (haha, yes, only in Texas would you have a name like that) just the four of us getting in such wonderful time together as a family of four. I have lots of pictures and lots to say about our trip which I will post in the next day or so. But for now, here is week 29...

Maternity Clothes? Lots of my maternity cloths are starting to get too small.

Stretch Marks? I don't think Im getting any new ones.  

Sleep? Still sleeping well! 

Movement? Lots :) And Love every little move!

Cravings? Still nothing specific. 

Gender? Boy :)

Belly Button In or Out? Out!

Symptoms: I missed my chiropractic appointment and I PAID for it with really bad pinching sciatica. Getting waves of uncomfortable moments but still sleeping well. 

Best moment of the week? Spending quality time with family.

What I am looking forward to: Our 31 week appointment, a week from tomorrow! 

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