13 weeks with babies #4&5

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Its been a while since I have blogged, so if you don't follow me on any social media, we are expecting twins AGAIN! There is so much to say. I plan on blogging our road to getting pregnant again, more about my very difficult first trimester and just processing twins again, making us a family of seven :)
But for now, I am quickly going to post my week 14 here. I am OFFICIALLY in the second trimester, which is VERY welcomed and I feel like I might be turning a corner out of nausea land! Here I am 14 weeks pregnant with babies number 4&5...

Total weight gain: 7 lbs (CARBS and no moving at all my first trimester, yikes)
Maternity clothes? Yes. Trying to wear as many non maternity dresses (like the one I am wearing here) while I still can. But all my pants are full on maternity.
Sleep: Sleeping hard and often. First trimester was EXHAUSTING.  Naps every day.
Best moment this week: Still just enjoying my ever growing belly

Movement: I feel like I might have felt movement but then convince myself its just my tummy rumbling. 
Food cravings: Food has not been enjoyable at all. Sour gummies and any carb. NO fruits and veggies. Have been totally averted. 
Symptoms: Starting to get sciatic pinches here and there. Still not feeling myself, but beginning to feel a little better each day. 
Wedding rings on or off?

Looking forward to: Gender ultrasound/reveal, August 29th, a little over two weeks!

14 weeks with Walker...

And 14 (it says 13 oops) with Jack Henry and Hadley... 

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