16 Weeks with babies number 4 & 5

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Well, I was waiting until today to post the gender reveal because today I had my ultrasound at a local ultrasound center this afternoon. I was supposed to find out yesterday but they had to move my appointment to the next day because of a family emergency with the technician so I was SO EXCITED to find out today! We had already found out one of the genders a couple of weeks ago at my doctors appointment and today was the day to find out the other baby! Unfortunately, they looked for 15 minutes but couldn't get that shot they needed, so we got to see that sweet little baby move a lot but we couldn't see between the legs where we needed. So, they rescheduled me for next Friday, so Lord willing, I will hopefully know both genders next week. I had been feeling better and only had 4 nausea pills left so I decided to stop taking them and see how I did but the next night I threw up again, so trying to figure out what to do there. I heard its a hard couple days being off the meds but then things get better. Excited to start feeling the babies soon :)

(left, pregnant with Jack Henry and Hadley and to the right, Walker)
Total weight gain: +8
Sleep: Sleeping great
Best moment this week: Confirming the one gender we already know and seeing two healthy babies on the ultrasound. 
Movement: None yet
Food cravings: Nothing specific but starting to be able to eat veggies again! 
Symptoms: Sciatic pinching , still a little nauseas. 
Wedding rings on or off?

Looking forward to:Finding out the other gender, Lord willing, next Friday. 

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