36 Weeks

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We made it! We are beyond thankful to have made it to this "goal week." There are times I didn't think we would ever get there, with fears of delivering prematurely and then times where I felt it was just so far away. Now here we are! We give ALL glory to God! What a great pregnancy this has been. It has had it challenges, physically, and I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't tell you that it is getting EXTREMELY hard. I can't seem to find a position that gives me any physical relief... standing, sitting, lying, you name it, nothing helps. It is beyond painful to sit up or roll out of bed. But I am reminded of how blessed I am to still be pregnant and I know that the end is so near. I can't begin to tell you how amazing Luke has been through this, he has been so helpful, supportive and sweet. I couldn't ask for a better husband through out this pregnancy. His joy for their arrival is precious and the way he has taken care of me both physically and emotionally  (I have had some "i cant do this anymore moments") has been beautiful. 
Our appointment went well this week, but I was definitely a bit discouraged to find that I am still 2 cm and 80, possibly 90% effaced. I was hoping for some progress because I am SO READY for these sweet babies to be born. I know the Lord knows their birthday already, and I have to just be patient for their arrival. This will be a great sharpening of my patience, and with our induction date set for August 15th, I know I only have 13 more days of this physical discomfort and pain. His timing is perfect and I will wait for His perfect plan to unfold. With that being said, If my water broke TONIGHT, I would be JOYFUL :) Here I am at 36 weeks...

Quick Update:
Position of babies: Still the same, Hadley head down and low in my pelvis, Jack Henry still transverse. Both babies have too much fluid in their amniotic sacs, we are continuing to pray there are no complications with that.
Sleep: Sleep is very uncomfortable and sporadic, I take any I can get
Cloths: I can now ONLY wear dresses. Nothin maternity has fit me for weeks.
Can't wait to... Meet our precious babies!

Coming next... Nursery reveal.


  1. Don't feel discouraged about the progress you have made, that could change so fast! I was 1cm 90 % effaced when I went to the hospital and was in active labor!

  2. Kathleen - you look amazing! I truly pray these babies come soon for you and Luke (for your sake and comfort!). You truly are an inspiration! :) Best of Luck!

  3. You look amazing... you really need to post a video of you walking around with that belly. Good luck and congrats!

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