Week one...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We had a wonderful first week!
Plenty of kisses...

Introduced them to the not-so-liked tummy time...

Had my parents in all week to help! Thank you Momma Sue and Poppy! 

Had our first sponge bath... 

Spent a little time outdoors... 

Went on their first outing... to the doctor! (They are now back up to their birth weight)

And just adjusting to this new life that the Lord has blessed us with. 


  1. What a wonderful first week it seems to have been!! Everyone looks healthy and happy. What a blessing! They couldn't be more beautiful! And the pic of you in the green shirt is amazing! The incredible shrinking belly! My husband was asking me the other day how my belly would look after the twins are born compared to just one baby and I said "oh Lord, I have no idea." I feel encouraged after seeing you :)

  2. Your first week looks like it was truly wonderful! It is crazy how much Jack Henry looks like your husband and Hadley looks like you! They are beautiful babies and you look like you guys are doing a GREAT job!

  3. Absolutely adorable, Kathleen! I can't wait to hold them again! You look amazing and Luke looks in love.

  4. Not sure I've ever commented, but have followed your sweet blog for months now. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful, blessed journey.... precious beyond measure and truly Heaven sent! Your little family has helped carry me through some very hard times, including my Momma's illness and her passing this Summer. To witness the miracle of life, especially so sweetly, has been and continues to be such a huge blessing and so very healing...Thank You for filling my heart with pure joy!! One of these days I will catch up on my own blog...for now...reading uplifting stories such as yours, is proving to be a real good thing for me :) May you all be blessed...always! <3

  5. Your babies are so beautiful! I can't believe you're actually blogging, you must have your hands full. But I'm so glad you are. God bless x


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