37 Weeks...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WOW! I can't believe this will be my LAST pregnancy update! It feels like I have been pregnant forever in ways and then it feels as if it FLEW by in other ways. It has been physically challenging these last few weeks (t0 say the least) but I am so thankful for such a GREAT pregnancy and to be carrying these sweet babies to full term!!!! God is GOOD!

We are scheduled for a 6am induction this Saturday, August the eleventh! Here is how our last appointment went...

We came in for an ultrasound first, which went well. The babies both scored perfectly on their biophysical exams again, but she did find that their fluid levels were even higher than last week (polyhydramnios). She just kept saying she couldn't believe that I hadn't started labor with these babies being so big and she said that this was the highest fluid levels she has seen in twins, in the 13 years she has been doing this. Yikes... We are just praying all goes smoothly during delivery, the doctor doesn't seem too concerned.
They then took my weight and blood pressure. Okay here it is... I gained 13 pounds in ONE WEEK!!! I knew that I had gained LOTS of fluid because my right leg is LITERALLY the size of an elephant. It is SO heavy, I can barley walk and it is so full of fluid that you can squish it down, and it just stays down. OUCH! I was shocked I gained 13 lbs in one week, and then the two weeks prior to that I had a combined gain of 10, so thats 23 lbs in THREE WEEKS! Fluid overload... I feel like im about to POP everywhere. I figured that with all this extra fluid, my blood pressure must be horrid, but it was just 128/88... high, especially for me but not considered pre-eclampsia.
I then saw my doctor, who we adore and even with the high pressure and fluid, he said we still had to wait until 38 weeks, which would be next Wednesday 8/15. I literally was SO MISERABLE that I asked if there was ANY way we could do it before. He said I would probably go before then, not to worry, and he stripped my membranes, according to wikepedia...
"Membrane sweep", also known as membrane stripping, during an internal examination, the midwife moves her finger around the cervix to stimulate and/or separate the membranes around the baby from the cervix. This causes a release of prostaglandins which can help to kick-start labor.)
It really didn't hurt, I just bled a bit and had some cramping later that day, and we thought it couldn't hurt to speed it up a bit! He told me I was almost fully effaced and 3cm dilated and hopefully I would go before next Wednesday.
He then left the room, while my husband and I were bummed we'd be waiting 8 more days. But then...

He popped back in the room and told us "not to leave yet." We were hopeful he'd come back with some good news, which is exactly what he did. He came back in and said "how is does this Saturday sound instead?" We of course were thrilled! I literally didn't know how I could physically do this anymore so getting 4 full days off of our wait was SUCH a relief! He got a 2nd opinion from the director of their practice, and said with the excess fluid on me, and the fact these are BIG twins and considered full term, they would do the induction early.
So there you have it... This Saturday 8/11/12 (unless I go before) will be the day we meet our babies :)

Physically here is what's happening...

SWOLLEN Belly, swollen legs and feet.

HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY belly, I can barely sit, stand or walk.

Back pain to the max. I have been seeing my amazing Chiropractor this whole pregnancy and I have had zero issues until these past 2 weeks, where even he can't fully relieve me.

Little to No sleep

And not to be tmi, but I started loosing my mucous plug today. (37 weeks and 1 day)

And really, just constant pain and discomfort. I have had a few teary, "I can't do this anymore" moments but still PRAISE JESUS for a long and wonderful pregnancy and I know it just 3 days, I will understand just how worth it it all was.


  1. Good luck! My birthday is the 13th!

    Shannon @ mothers-in-waiting.blogspot.com

  2. You look beautiful! How many inches around is your belly?

  3. You are amazing!! I will continue to pray for all of you!

  4. I just found out a month ago at the 5 months (I was actually 5 months one week) ultrasound to find out the sex of baby and development was on schedule that I was having twin girls. I found one of your pictures on pinterest :) having fun reading your posts. I'm now 6 months and one week.

  5. i found one of your pins on pinterest. We are expecting twins in April. Im enjoying reading your posts. Thanks!


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