Week two...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What a wonderful second week we had! It was our first week with no family help... just the four of us! It was a little bit scary but a little bit nice! The help we received from my parents was so precious and priceless but getting into a groove, just the four of us, was great too. This week was full of emotion. Last weekend was the weekend where I literally couldn't look at or talk about the babies with out bursting into tears of joy! It is such an emotion that you just can't wrap your brain around. I feel SO overwhelmed with blessings, joy and love for these two little ones that I just can't take it! I feel like they are only going to be this small this once, and I can already see them grow. I am just trying to soak this all in, minute by minute and not let one second go by with out treasuring it. I am also in love with my husband on a whole new level. When I look at him, sometimes I cry. I just can't believe that God used us to make these babies and to know that these children are something only the two of us share is just beautiful. Not to mention Luke has been THE BIGGEST HELP! I knew he'd be great at being a daddy but I NEVER fathomed just how hands on and great he would be. Through my recovery he has changed so many diapers, swaddled the babes so many times, has been up with me at every feeding through the night and has been my second set of hands while breast feeding these two (much more on breastfeeding twins later... it is going GREAT but I am scared to death for Luke to go back to work, on this front). I wish I could slow down the time because this is just going by way too fast... but we are treasuring every moment. Here are some photos from week two... 
We had two doctors appointments... one for me and one for the babies. This was my is my obstetrician and I am in love with him! He was SO precious and wonderful... I will elaborate more on him in my birth story. I baked him cookies and then cried when I saw him!

   We had my sister in law and her mother bring the kids to see the babies :)

Attempted some "together pictures" (will have to try again lol)
Snuggle time with my little bear!

Our babies have been perfect angels!!! They are on a wonderful three hour schedule and sleep great at night! We are up with them every three hours, so of course it is exhausting but the fact that they are on the same schedule and are great nursers... we couldn't be more blessed. I will blog more on the specifics of their little schedules later, for now, here is our two week little family photo... 

Thank you Lord!


  1. So happy for you guys! They are just precious and I'm glad everything is going so well! Duane got up with me at every feeding and it helped SO much! He couldn't do much, but just knowing I wasn't the only one up was so nice. :)

  2. I love your Petunia diaper bag! Are you pleased with it? What a blessing to have a husband who is such a servant! My sweetie is the same way and I have never appreciated him more since we've had Gabe and now that I'm pregnant again. The Lord is so kind in his provision! Enjoy those postpartum emotions. They can be so cruel and so beautiful at the same time! I'm sure Luke is enjoying them too :) Where are you getting all Hadley's hair accessories? I need to start a collection.

    1. I love my petunia bag! It's been great! I have ordered lots of bows from etsy and there is a sweet baby boutique in Middletown... Almost all girl stuff but so cute...it's next to bybee pottery...it's a French name and it's on the corner on main street in Middletown. Also chickadees in Middletown has some too! You will need to start collecting for miss Eliza! I can't wait for you to have a little girl! They are fun!

  3. I just love your little family. Love reading about your experience as well!! They are cuter each time I see them, and motherhood looks stunning on you. Your face is beaming with joy!!! Love it :). Thank you for sharing!!

  4. My goodness, they are just so precious Kathleen!! I am just so happy for you and Luke:) Sweet little Jack Henry and Hadley are so blessed to have such incredible Godly parents. Can't wait to see the family of 4 again, but so glad I could see y'all before i left! Love you all. - Macie


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