First Trimester almost finished!

Monday, November 3, 2014

So I have read that the second trimester starts on day one of week 13 but then I have also read it ends with week 13. Regardless, I am 13 weeks and 3 days so I am either out of it or almost out of it :) 

I am INCREDIBLY lucky to be one of the few that has dodged morning sickness. With the twins I had food aversions, but no nausea. This pregnancy has been a little "worse" on that front. I was TOTALLY fine in the beginning. If ya'll remember I did a 7 day clean eating challenge that I had announced I was doing on Instagram for accountability the DAY before I found out I was pregnant. It was too late to back out and I couldn't say why! But I did fine with it! It wasn't until eight and a half weeks that the yucky tummy kicked in. And it lasted pretty hard core until 11 weeks. I call it yucky because it wasn't bad enough to be nausea. When I am sick with a stomach bug and have nausea, I literally can't function, I have to lay down and let the misery pass. This was NOT that bad. It was totally manageable and it was easy to push through my days and function but it was bad enough to just make me feel pretty puny. I wanted to eat, and actually I am always VERY hungry but everything sounded REPULSIVE. I choked a lot of food down, and starchy, carby, non-nutrient foods were the only foods I wanted, which was hard for this lover of health and wellness. I'm still not back to normal but its definitely getting better. 
With the twins, if I didn't eat enough, I would get really gaggy, but then I was relieved immediately once I ate, and I haven't had that issue this time around. 
Another weird thing, I am a lover of sweets and the dreaded evil sugar, but I have only been wanting savory things this pregnancy. 
I have also been very tired. Like, I take a nap almost every day when the babies do. It is an exhaustion very similar to carrying the twins. I still am very tired and haven't gotten my energy back, but again, it is better.
Also, a funny thing, during my 2.5 week period of feeling super yuck, we ate out like, every, single meal. During that time I did no cooking and let a few produce items go bad in our fridge. When I opened the fridge, I smelled rotten celery and to this day, I get wiffs of it or tastes of it in certain foods. Like chic-fil-a BBQ sauce tastes like straight up rotten celery to me. I know thats crazy and I'm wondering if its some weird additive or yucky preservative that is coming out like that? Anyhow, food just doesn't taste that good lately, so I am very ready to be normal on that front again.
I used this time to do lots of praying for this sweet baby and I am reminded of how lucky I am to feel these things as it is a reminder I am carrying life, even when it is hard. I have two very dear friends who are pregnant with me that had SERIOUS nausea and vommiting and my heart breaks for them. I truly think I am too big of a nausea WUSS to endure. I seriously HATE it ya'll. I try not to complain but remember that this is great joy because there are plenty of women who would LOVE to go through the yucks of pregnancy to be carrying life. I am blessed and over all, it has been very smooth.   

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