15 weeks with baby #3...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Total weight gain: +5 still
Stretch marks? No new ones yet! 
Sleep: Sleeping great, still sleeping some on my back but I don't feel like I am big enough yet to put on bad pressure yet.   
Best moment this week: Starting to feel better/more normal. ALMOST wanting a salad.
Movement: None yet, I don't think. I think I might be feeling things but then always convince myself its just by stomach.
Food cravings: Food is still not super craveable at this point yet. 
Symptoms: Getting sciatic pinches on one side and still pretty tired/sleepy. 
Wedding rings on or off?

Looking forward to: Gender ultrasound, this thursday the 2oth! We will be finding out with my community group at a little gender reveal night but will be keeping it secret on here until next week when we tell my parents in person :)

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