13 weeks with baby #3...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hey friends! I wasn't sure how I would capture my weekly bump growth this time around. I felt like the chalkboard thing is kind of done, and tried to think of other fun ways to share this but at the end of the day, so many of you found my blog because of the chalkboard and it just seemed only right to do it all again. I'm thinking this time around the chalkboards might not be as elaborate as I am a momma of two 2 year olds now, but I want this baby to know that they were as special and loved by me as the twins, and deserved a chalkboard of their very own :)
I am excited to say I am 13 weeks along now, which I feel like should be the 2nd trimester but I think it is actually once you have completed 13 weeks that you get to move on to the 2nd. I will do a first trimester in review post very soon but lets just say it has been relatively very smooth, but I am still really ready to go ahead and get out of the first and onto that more pleasant 2nd :) 
I am SHOWING ya'll! Like, earlier than I did with the twins. But they always say you show quicker your second, and lets face it, ya'll watched me grow last pregnancy, so my bump knew how to pop right out with out any hesitation.
Nothing really to report this week, just enjoying each and every minute carrying this sweet babe. 

And I thought it would be fun to compare my pregnancies each week too... 

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  1. Beautiful friend! You just look beautiful. Still so happy for you I could squeal. I showed WAY faster each time.


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