Halloween 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

This was SUCH a fun Halloween! What a difference a year makes, you can see our little gnomes last year here. They couldn't walk, and only could "sign" please for candy to the 10 or so homes that we trick or treated to in our cul de sac. This year we have really been enjoying the season. Every time we drove in the car, we would spot out pumpkins and spiders and fun decorations. There were two spiders in our neighborhood that we purposefully went out of our way to drive by each time coming or leaving our home, the "bis spider" and the "spider in the tree with the kitty who was gonna get him!" They also loved talking about "sister be Minnie and brother be Micky" weeks up to Halloween. I'm not sure they even knew what that meant until we dressed them up for our church's fall carnival. They LOVED being in character and did perfectly keeping on their ears, although we had to tape Jack Henry's on, on Halloween. We trick or treated all around our neighborhood, almost 2 hours worth. They loved every minute but were pooped by the end of the night. They did so good saying trick or treat and thank you to each house and even said "happy halloween." Life is such so much more fun and exciting when your get to live it through the eyes of your children. Jack Henry carries his candy filled "paaaawn-kin" around everywhere, even to the car but likes to keep his candy in his pumpkin :) Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween 2014. Now that Halloween is over, I start incorporating Christmas music into my playlists :) We are definitely anticipating Christmas through their eyes this year! 

Only took some blurry iPhone pics this year...

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