Catching up: Our 6th Anniversary Getaway (June 2014)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

WOW! What can I say, I am super behind on blogging and tend to get caught up from these last 5 months over the next week or so! 
These pics aren't that exciting, but it is just to help me document memories :) We celebrated 6 years on an overnight in a beautiful lake house. We are SO embarrassed to say that we had NEVER spent the night away together apart from the babies. This was my first night away from them, Luke has been on several trips away, but together, this was a first. We plan on being much better about this, and the reason is not because "we just can't leave them", that is very far from the truth. We of course miss them when we are away from them, but our marriage is our number one priority and we love being together alone. The hard part is, when you don't live close to family, leaving your children over night with someone else is a lot to ask. Our precious friends Mindy and Markus kept them overnight and they had a blast. They didn't miss us a bit because they were having so much fun! We spent just one night away in Grandbury which is just an hour or so outside of DFW. The town was quaint and we had a lovely time together. We had great food, got a pedi together, and spent long hours on the dock just having deep conversation and enjoying each other. God has done so many good things in our lives the last 6 years.

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