35 Weeks (36 week doctor update) with baby Walker...

Friday, April 10, 2015

I am 36 weeks today! This week was spent with our precious family in town. Our sister in law and her three babies were in town for their spring break and we had SO much fun hanging out with them, doing fun things and making memories! I will post some pictures from our week on a separate post soon. Being so busy this week I was a day late on posting my chalkboard pic, which technically make me 36 weeks in the pic, but we are just pretending its still 35! I had my 36 week check up and had Walker's first growth scan. Here were the results...

Femur (measured WAY ahead a few weeks ago) is measuring right on track at 36 weeks.
Abdomen is measuring 38 weeks (2 weeks ahead)
Head... drum roll please..... 40 weeks. Womp, Womp. I REALLY want a vaginal birth this time around but this sweet boy looks to have another big Davidson head.

So putting all of those measurements together, the doctor says 7lbs 6 oz right now but he is probably smaller than that since his head is throwing off the formula. There is no bad news here, he is perfectly healthy and wonderful but this might make it hard for me to have a VBAC if his head continues to grow. 

He said as long as his head is dropping into my pelvis, then we are okay but if his head keeps growing as we get closer to the the due date, then we might have to have C-section. But right now I am continuing to pray for my body to allow a VBAC and if I have to have another C-section, well, what can I do right?

Cant believe we have 4 weeks or less! So thankful and excited!! 

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