36 Weeks with baby Walker...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I can't believe the time is almost here! I will be "full term" tomorrow at 37 weeks and I have my 37 week appointment tomorrow as well, which I will do an update with that tomorrow :) Everything is still going great! 36 weeks with the twins is when it got EXTREMELY difficult physically, you can read about that here. It has been MUCH easier. with just moments of discomfort here and there. I'm pretty much taking heart burn meds every other day and if I don't, I have very bad acid reflux. Im pretty comfortable physically, and am still sleeping well. Carrying twins first really puts things into perspective! My belly is still HUGE and I feel it is bigger than most momma's carrying one, again, I think its post twins. I am pretty much only wearing dresses now, all my maternity pants cut into me and my maternity tops and getting snug. I have felt some movement down low and at times a bit of pressure so I am PRAYING that he is descending down into my pelvis. I have braxton-hicks here and there but definitely not in labor yet. I will have another growth scan tomorrow and a cervical check next Friday. I am loving each moment of this pregnancy and am almost all finished with Walker's nursery. I will be blogging on that soon :) Today I had a massage which was wonderful, as my back is tight each morning when I wake up and tomorrow is my bi-weekly chiropractor appointment which has totally been a life saver this pregnancy (my sciatica has been gone for weeks now) and it certainly was a life saver with the twins. We are 21 days away today and so thankful to the giver of ALL good things! 


  1. Precious!! Our Kelly is due 5/12, so she just reached the 36 week mark. So exciting. And our daughter in law is pregnant too, due in August.

  2. Getting closer!!!! :) :) you look great!!!

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