37 Weeks...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I can officially say I have never been pregnant this long before! I am 37 weeks and 5 days today, and delivered my twins at 37 weeks and 4 days so considering neither of my babies needed extra care and I am considered "full term" we are welcoming Walker's arrival now! He can come any time now! (And with how big he is and the fact I want a VBAC, the sooner, the better :))
I was reading my 37 week post with the twins that you can read HERE and it makes me realize how EASY the end of this pregnancy has been compared to the end of the carrying the twins. I think I blocked the last 11 days or so carrying the twins because it was SO VERY physically challenging but every once and a while, I can remember! This has been such a sweet time and while it has it's uncomfortable moments, the end of this pregnancy is so smooth and lovely and NOTHING compared to the end of the twins. 

No visible swelling yet, my thighs are a little puffy but it honestly might just be some chunk I have put on :) and same with my face... can't tell if its water or a little weight. 

I am eagerly awaiting Friday's cervical check where I will know lots of more of how labor is going to go down. 

Still praying that he comes on his own and a VBAC can be achieved here. So the next update (assuming there is one) I won't have a picture to compare it to, because I would have already delivered the twins by then.

Here we are at 37 weeks... 

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  1. if you've gotten this comment multiple times I apologize!! i kept trying to post and it just wasn't happening.
    I just wanted to tell you that I have been following your blog since I found out I was pregnant with boy/girl twins! I am 32 weeks thjs Saturday. your previous posts have been an inspiration to me and SO helpful through out my own twin pregnancy. so thank you for sharing your journey! it truly has helped me a long the way. you are such a beautiful and strong momma! congrats on your little baby walker and good luck with the delivery!! - Brandi www.healthylivingb.com


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