37 Week Dr. Appointment...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

So yesterday I had my 37 week appointment which is a bit crazy to me because I delivered the twins at 37 weeks and 4 days. This makes me realize how close I am. If you aren't familiar with my birth story with the twins, you can read about it in three parts, herehere and here but the short of it is, I was swelling so much at the end that it was making my blood pressure go up, so I was induced at 37+4 (they wont let you go past 38 with twins) and I labored painlessly (with pitocin and epidural) until it was push time and the babies wouldn't come out, due to their position together in the womb. So I ended up having a C-section. Since the reason was mainly twin related, my Dr. back in Cincinnati and my new Dr. down here both agreed I would be a good candidate for a VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean.) 
Well, the problem right now, baby Walker has big noggin, just like my twins and my doc is starting to be a bit hesitant about the reality of a VBAC. He said we wouldn't make any decisions until he checks my cervix next week. It will be my first cervical check and I know that we will know WAY more about everything on Friday. 
Yesterday his head which was measuring 40 weeks, the week before (at 36 weeks) is now measuring "out of range" which he said meant more than 41 weeks. Also, by looking on the ultrasound he said he wasn't below my pubic bone yet. SOOOOO what I need all you sweet readers to do for me is PRAY for the following....
My cervix to show good progress next week. Some sort of dilation and effacement.
Baby Walker to drop.
For his head to fit in my pelvis.
They can do some small induction type things, like break my water and give me light pitocin but no cervical ripening drugs. So ideally, going into labor on my own would be best. If I stay pregnant, with no progress and baby keeps getting bigger, my chances of a VBAC go down dramatically.

Why I don't want a C-section....
It wasn't that bad with the twins but now I will have a new baby to take care of plus two toddlers which will obviously be harder.
The more c-sections you have the more complicated things get with your uterus and future placenta issues.
Although you never know, we plan on having more children and this gets trickier with more repeated sections. 
I know that if that is what I have to do, thats what I have to do. I will know SO much more next Friday and I know that the Lord's hand will be all over this and He already knows my delivery. Walker is healthy and we are so thankful for that and our prayer is that he arrives safely no matter how that has to be, we don't want to loose sight of the big picture here but the desire of my heart is a VBAC so I am praying with full belief that my body CAN do this. I know He is so faithful no matter what the outcome and this is a JOYFUL time for us. I don't want that joy to be taken with worries of another surgery. It is in his hands and we are just excited and SO happy to meet him soon!

So here is my plan until Friday when I get my first cervical check...
Red Raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil. These both help with uterine tone and softening of the cervix. Its the cruchy side of me kicking in here. I will be best friends with a birthing ball all week too! I will also try all the old wives tales... SPICY, pineapple and lots of walking.  Here is to getting this baby on its way! 

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  1. Go get a massage! 90 minutes or more and meditate during, envisioning your baby's head coming down into the birth canal and opening your cervix. I swear to God it put me into labor with my third. Good luck!


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